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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Granitestate tourism,travel,the economic engine of the Region !!!

Granite state info, Travel, tourism, economic engine of the Region !!! 

Welcome, you've come to the right location , to learn what the Granite state offers.  Travel area, Year round

activities for both work & play !!!   As Granite staters are known as helpful group, enjoying the atmosphere this

Great State offers.  New Hampshire has been known for its diversity , educational & Spiritual diversity .

Summers are awesome here in NH.  Many love to ride their atv's, motorcycles , four wheelers, then you have
                                                                               & Ride
the cust bikes everyone loves to ride   LIVE FREE, & Die state Motto.  We have cannoes, sailboats, water

boarding, kyaking, & so many other activities mountain climbing, trail walking, trail running ..... (a bear !!!)....

you  have to be prepared !!!  I wonder L.L.Bean ave,  bear spray ?    not sure on that one ?  check out

L.L.Bean outlets locted throughut the region,

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